UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations are no longer fit for purpose

La Repubblica (Matteo Pinci) What use is Financial Fair Play if a sheikh can bypass it in no time at all? Or if 5 clubs have already spent over €100m in the transfer market before July has even finished? In a summer that has seen €2.5bn spent on transfers so far, the financial controls that UEFA hoped would prevent clubs spending beyond their means are being stretched to their very limits. The case of Neymar has brought this to the fore once more, as PSG haven’t given up on the €222m youngster; despite Pique’s reassurances, Neymar hasn’t really decided whether or not to stay at Barcelona, or whether to accept the crazy offer made to him by the Parisian sheikhs, made to him for one reason in particular: a ‘payback’, after Barca tried every which way to sign Verratti from them.

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