Roma’s revolving doors in defence: all the defensive transfers since 2011

Pagine Romaniste (Alessio Nardo) Is a revolution needed or not? At Roma, it’s usually the first option. Whether it’s a question of strategy or of player trading, fans are now all too aware of these phrases. They are part of a vocabulary in modern football that fans like less and less, as they are forced to live in a state of perennial anxiety. Of fear, almost. Because there is always the chance, lurking just around the corner, that the team will lose a key player. Particularly in defence. There was a time when fans would be able to become closely attached to a good player, as there was a high chance that they would see him wearing a Giallorossi shirt for a long time. Think of players like Aldair, Candela, Cafu, Zago, Mexes, Panucci. All very talented defenders, who enjoyed successful spells at Trigoria for long periods of time. They left an indelible mark behind.

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