James Pallotta: Stadio della Roma by 2020, or I go

Corriere dello Sport (Guido D’Ubaldo) James Pallotta was speaking freely at the end of the game. The president stopped in the mixed zone and made a remarkable announcement. “If the stadium isn’t done by 2020 I’ll be forced to go back home, you won’t see me in the stands any more. Roma will have to find another owner. The stadium is an opportunity for the city, one of the most beautiful projects in the world, but if the politicians don’t want it then what can we do? There should be news before 15th June, there shouldn’t be problems.”

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Live updates: Revised Stadio della Roma project officially approved by city of Rome

Friday is the critical day in the Stadio della Roma project as Roma and the project’s proponents meet with Virginia Raggi – now that the city mayor has left hospital after being admitted earlier in the morning – to come to a final agreement. Refresh the page for the latest updates.

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Stadio della Roma: Crumbling hippodrome represents Rome’s decline

Il Foglio (Fabio Sabatini) At this historic moment, the council can’t spend public money given the disastrous state of the city’s finances. Only private investors have the capital that Rome needs to maintain, develop and redevelop itself. Those who lead the city council, as well as the wider country, have a crucial job to do: to encourage investment and to guide people towards investing in the best interests of the city. To benefit from private individuals’ resources in order to improve infrastructure and local development projects for nothing. That is exactly what was done by the previous administration, who granted permission for the stadium to be built in exchange for some very favourable conditions.

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Stadio Olimpico barriers to be removed ‘within reasonable amount of time’

Interno.gov.it – A meeting was held at the Viminale this morning, as requested by the Minister of Sport, Luca Lotti, which was also attended by the Minister of the Interior, Marco Minniti, Lazio president Claudio Lotito, Roma’s CEO Umberto Gandini and their general director Mauro Baldissoni. The subject of the meeting was the barriers in the Stadio Olimpico, which were put up in June 2015 as safety measures and which have so far produced positive results. Given these positive results, the Minister of the Interior, Marco Minniti, has ordered the Chief of Police and general director of public security, Franco Gabrielli, to proceed with a course of action – within a reasonable amount of time – that enables the removal of these dividing barriers while maintaining safety and security standards in order to encourage more people to attend in a calm and relaxed manner.

James Pallotta: we are confident about Stadio della Roma

Corriere dello Sport (Roberto Maida, Guido D’Ubaldo) “What’s happened? It’s not like they’ve said no.” From the other side of the Atlantic, James Pallotta is playing things down. At this time of political confusion and spasmodic expectations, the Roma president remains clear-headed and is holding his ground. He hasn’t lost control of his position to either political institutions or the media. Pallotta is in constant contact with his colleagues at Trigoria, and was calm about the release of the Region of Lazio’s documentation about the stadium. “The City of Rome only requested a 30 day extension period for the Conferenza dei Servizi, as they were perfectly entitled to do,” explained Pallotta, who clearly hasn’t lost hope of starting construction on the Tor di Valle site on time, i.e. before the summer. Nothing has changed, in his opinion, compared to 3 days ago, when the grant of the extension slowed down – but didn’t stop – the project.

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