Roma’s Investment In Youth Not Paying Off: A Who’s Who Of Walter Sabatini’s Signings

Back in January 2014, Rome’s radio stations were full of journalists commenting on Walter Sabatini’s transfer policy as he signed youngster after youngster. Some said ironically that he was “playing Football Manager” and praising him for his foresight in planning for Roma’s future, others were more cautionary as they warned the sporting director was forgetting the present as he invested in the future. Continue reading


Roma Must Still Sell Players Even After Miralem Pjanic Departure

Pjanic is not enough. Willingly or not, Roma still need to sell. Not just because of financial fair play, the sword of Damocles hanging over their heads, which president Pallotta intends to adhere to, but also to reduce the wage bill and thin out a squad that otherwise wouldn’t be able to be further added to.

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Sale Of Miralem Pjanic Marks The End Of The Roma Revolution

The €32m deal to sell Miralem Pjanic to Juventus may be one of Roma’s biggest ever sales, but it may also go down in posterity as the end of a chapter in the club’s history. There have already been many words written about Pjanic and his desire to join Juventus and, indeed, Roma’s own desire to make a quick sale to bring in necessary funds, and this isn’t the place to add to them. For all Pjanic’s faults, what’s done is done and, for better or worse, Roma will bring in a replacement.

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Francesco Totti Contract Renewal Top Of James Pallotta’s Priorities Ahead Of Rome Visit

James Pallotta is due to fly into Rome at the start of next month, and there are a number of issues that will require the Roma president’s attention during his stay in the capital. Chief among these is Francesco Totti’s contract renewal, as the captain’s current deal expires in just over a month’s time, but there is also the matter of confirming Walter Sabatini as the team’s sporting director, planning out transfer business for the summer, and concerns regarding stadiums new and old.

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