Walter Sabatini’s Departure Marks Completion Of James Pallotta’s Revolution At Roma

Corriere dello Sport (R.Maida) Without Sabatini, Roma are no longer the same. That is a fact, not just words: with the sporting director’s departure, every single position within the club hierarchy has now changed since the first structure was put into place by the American owners. The exceptions, among all the changes to players, coaches and directors, are the club icons Totti and De Rossi together with third choice keeper Lobont. The rest has been a revolution in personnel and technology, which hasn’t been accompanied by the “cultural revolution” that Sabatini himself referred to on the day he left.

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Who Is Roma’s New Sporting Director, Frederic Massara?

Frederic Massara, nicknamed Ricky, was born in Turin on 11th November, 1968. During his playing career he played as a left winger in the Torino and Pavia youth teams, and then at Pescara where he was a team-mate of Max Allegri during his spells in Abruzzo. He also played for Palermo, Arezzo, Moncalieri, Andria and Tivoli before he retired and started his career as an assistant coach at Benevento, Pescara and Martina.

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Roma Will Miss Sporting Director Walter Sabatini More Than He Will Miss Roma

After yesterday, maybe, he will be a little less tormented than usual, given that he’s now taken his decision and there’s no room for second thoughts. What had been unofficial for nearly 10 months was made official yesterday: Walter Sabatini is no longer Roma’s sporting director, and it is goodbye to the last director from the first ‘Roma americana’. “I want to thank Walter for what he did for AS Roma and for all his dedication to our venture,” said president James Pallotta. “I also want to thank him for all I’ve learned from him. Please stop smoking!”

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The Golden Generation Of Players Roma Have Let Go

There’s almost an entire team that can be chosen. Except for a goalkeeper and a left back, every position is covered. It’s a team of young Romans (or, at least, who have been brought through the system at Trigoria) who have left their home during the first six years of the American administration. The latest is Federico Ricci, who has gone to Sassuolo on loan with an option to buy and a counter-option for Roma. Will he ever return to Trigoria, having made his debut for his hometown club? It’s unlikely, for now.

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Roma Left Frustrated After Missing Out On Signing Jack Wilshere On Deadline Day

The sound of the end of the transfer window has rung hollow at Roma, primarily due to the impossibility at the very end of giving Spalletti one more signing to complete his squad. They didn’t achieve their aim of getting a midfielder in as they risked leaving it until the very last hours of the window. Just before the end, Roma made it known that talks had broken down with Arsenal for Wilshere, who was the sporting director’s number one choice to replace Vainqueur, whose departure had been planned for some time and who had finally left that afternoon for Marseille (who will cover all the Frenchman’s salary) on loan with an option to buy.

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Roma’s Investment In Youth Not Paying Off: A Who’s Who Of Walter Sabatini’s Signings

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