Roma begin life after Francesco Totti

Il Tempo (Alessandro Austini) It’s more than a new start, it’s a new era. 6th July 2017 is a historic day all because of one high-profile absentee: after 25 seasons (plus 3 in the youth teams), Totti’s car hasn’t pulled up to the gates of Trigoria. At least for now, because his future will still be at Roma, albeit in another guise. What that may be isn’t clear yet and won’t be until he meets the directors, a meeting that he has preferred to push back: once his new role has been clearly identified, the pre-agreed 6-year contract will be ‘activated’; whether this will happen during the US tour or later remains to be seen. It could be said, however, that Totti has already completed his first task as a ‘director’: 1 month ago he met Mancini in Saint Tropez and the two, who are very close, discussed Manolas and Paredes among other things. In the end, only the Argentine went to Zenit, but Francesco’s ‘recommendation’ will have had its use.

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