Authorities Must Stop Spreading Lies About Roma Fans And Take Down Stadio Olimpico Barriers

Il Fatto Quotidiano (Simone Meloni) You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. In a few words, that sums up the massive, and at times tragicomic, situation that has surrounded the implementation and maintenance of the safety measures put in at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico.  In the last few weeks, things did seem to be moving forward; after former and current Giallorossi players said that they hoped to see the Olimpico return to normal, on Wednesday Giovanni Malago, the president of CONI and therefore the man ultimately in charge of the Olimpico, made his thoughts on the situation very clear: “Forget about the fact that there haven’t been many fans at the Stadio Olimpico, it’s also a fact that there has neither been an incident nor even any sign of trouble either inside or outside the ground. In life, when you show yourself to be serious, competent and well-meaning, you deserve to have faith put in you,” he said, before adding that the issue “is currently being resolved.”

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