Giuseppe Giannini blasts ‘disgraceful’ Roma after ‘shameful’ derby performance

Giuseppe Giannini has spoken to Centro Suono Sport about the Giallorossi’s defeat to Lazio in the derby last weekend, and the former Roma captain was scathing about the current state of the club.

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Roma considering appointing a former player to board of directors

Corriere dello Sport (Roberto Maida) Behind a great team there is always a great club. Roma are working towards achieving both, almost simultaneously, identifying and renewing every piece of the mosaic. This is why there is currently discussion at Trigoria about the possibility of selecting a new person to join the management team, a charismatic former player who can act as a link between the team, the club and the media. The model is, again, laid down by Juventus, who appointed Pavel Nedved to the board of directors in 2010 before promoting him, a year ago, to vice-president.

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