Roma’s Champions League destiny heavily reliant on other results

Corriere dello Sport (Francesco Guerrieri) 90 more minutes to go in the league, then Serie A goes on its summer holidays. But despite Roma and Napoli vying for it all season, the race for 2nd place is still open: the Giallorossi are currently 1 point ahead of Sarri’s side. And if they beat Genoa on Sunday, they will qualify for the Champions League automatically.

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Who is Eusebio Di Francesco? Analysing the tactics of Roma’s possible next coach

Corriere Dello Sport (Alberto Polverosi) It’s an attacking style, football played on the wings, with overlapping full backs and forward runs from the midfielders. It’s pleasing on the eye, but it never loses its sense of balance. So there is always a bit of confusion when comparing Di Francesco’s 4-3-3 with Zeman’s 4-3-3, which is only ever done in order to talk about the master and the apprentice. It’s difficult to find a Di Francesco side that leaves itself completely open; they are well-organised in defence and like to hit teams on the counter, but also never forget that they can be hit on the break themselves in the blink of an eye. Zeman, on the other hand, plays much more aggressively and much higher up the pitch.

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Roma to change coach for 14th time in 14 years as Luciano Spalletti packs his bags

Il Tempo (Alessandro Austini) Another one goes. Roma will change their coach for the 14th time in 14 seasons, an average of once a year. This time it’s Spalletti who is packing his bags once again, with the same feeling of having left something unfinished as he had when he departed 2 games into the season in 2009. As was the case then, the Tuscan is leaving because he doesn’t feel as supported by the club as he should be. Whether it’s been in how he has handled the difficult situation of Totti’s final season, in the transfer market, in his relations with the outside world, Spalletti accuses Roma of leaving him isolated.

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Roma’s Lorenzo Di Livio tests positive for cannabis

La Repubblica – A positive drug test in calcio. The player in question is Lorenzo Di Livio, Ternana’s 20 year old midfielder (owned by Roma) and son of former Italy international Angelo Di Livio. Di Livio Jr tested positive for a metabolite from THC (the major psychoactive component of cannabis) following NADO Italia drug test carried out on 6th May after Vicenza-Ternana. The player has been suspended as a precautionary measure by the Italian anti-doping court at the request of the national anti-doping prosecutor.

Monchi to begin rebuilding Roma after Champions League qualification is secured

Corriere dello Sport (Roberto Maida) Money. A lot of it, and quickly, to keep Roma’s Plan A safe. By participating in the Champions League, which would be guaranteed with a victory against Genoa, the club can honour their financial commitments (over €40 million just to pay the obligatory purchase clauses for players they already have on loan) and avoid losing too many big-name players. One major sale will be required though, and will probably have to be ratified before 30 June in order to balance the club’s books for this financial year, but 2nd place would be a godsend to help avoid having to make a number of sacrifices that would otherwise be inevitable.

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Records and regrets: Roma need a team that can last an entire season

Corriere dello Sport (Alberto Polverosi) It was a day for Egyptians, for Verona’s applause for Francesco Totti, for 5 goals for Roma, for closing in on 2nd place, but it was also the day that the Giallorossi set a number of new records as they closed in on the Champions League. The records Roma set yesterday were extraordinary. A record number of league victories: previously 26 in 2013/14, they now have 27 this year and have the chance to increase it further on Sunday against Genoa. A record number of away victories: previously 11, again in 2013/14, now 12 this season (obviously without the chance to extend this further). A record number of consecutive away wins: with the victory in Verona, they extended this to 7.

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