Agent: Mario Rui and I behaved badly to get him out of Roma

Mario Rui’s agent has admitted that he and his client behaved badly as they negotiated a transfer from Roma to Napoli, but says that the Giallorossi eventually came to understand their position.


Speaking to Teleclubitalia, Mario Giuffredi said that initially the full back was inclined to remain in Rome, but an intervention by Napoli’s sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli made them change their minds and go back on their word to Roma.

“I should say that we behaved badly with the Giallorossi,” Giuffredi said. “Roma were exemplary. We had told them that our intention was to remain with the Giallorossi, but Giuntoli was like a stalker and made us change our minds when he intervened.

“Mario Rui was convinced to come to Napoli to join up with Sarri again. Giuntoli did very well, and made him understand that he would be an important player for Napoli. That’s why we decided to come to Napoli, and had to tell Roma something that contradicted what we’d told them before. In the end they understood and we left on good terms.”

Giuffredi added in an interview with Premium that very little had gone right for Mario Rui at Roma, from the cruciate injury sustained last summer to poor form when he eventually pulled on the red and yellow shirt.

“We resolved the issue of Mario Rui’s image rights tonight, after we completed the necessary paperwork earlier this afternoon. He really wanted to join Napoli,” he told Premium.

“Roma? Nothing went right. It was difficult to get going in what was left of the season after his serious injury. There wasn’t enough time left in the season to put things right. He was unlucky.”


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