Francesco Totti to join Tokyo Verdy – if he chooses not to remain at Roma as director

Francesco Totti will continue his playing career with Tokyo Verdy, according to the Japanese club’s president, if he decides not to hang up his boots and begin his career as a director at Roma.


Speaking to Premium Sport, Tokyo Verdy president Hideyuki Hanyu revealed that the Roma legend’s agent has confided in him that there are now only 2 choices in Totti’s future, thus ruling out the option of a move to MLS.

“I’ve heard from Totti’s agent and in his view there are only 2 options: either stay in Rome or come to play at Verdy. He won’t go to America. I’ve heard that there were offers from Miami and Los Angeles, but I’ve been told he won’t go there. A lot of people say that Totti should finish his career with Roma, but he wants to make up his own mind.

“If we couldn’t afford him then we wouldn’t have made Totti an offer in the first place. We don’t want to buy anyone else instead of him because he’s special. I’ll discuss this again as and when there are any developments, but in theory Totti could make his debut for us on 22nd July.”


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