Roma hope to announce Eusebio Di Francesco as new coach in coming days

Corriere dello Sport (Guido D’Ubaldo) There’s no more time to lose. Roma want to announce the appointment of Di Francesco, the coach chosen as Spalletti’s replacement, by the end of the week, or the start of next week at the latest. What Pallotta said on Tuesday left no doubts. And yesterday there was notable progress made by the Sassuolo coach in freeing himself from that clause that Roma are not prepared to accept. Roma desperately need to appoint a new coach, and are fixated on him, but they cannot and will not pay the €3 million release clause.

US Citta di Palermo v US Sassuolo - Serie A

This isn’t because they can’t include an additional cost for a capital asset on their balance sheet prior to 30th June, in compliance with Financial Fair Play. This is why they tried to speed things up yesterday to try to come to an agreement with Sassuolo. The clause was inserted by Di Francesco himself as a way of recognising what the club who had believed in him had done for him. And there was a verbal agreement, between gentlemen, that the clause wouldn’t be effective if Roma – Di Francesco’s real dream club – came in for him.

The Giallorossi directors made arrangements to travel to Reggio Emilia today, officially to watch the Primavera’s semi-final against Inter, but it will also provide them with a chance to meet the Sassuolo directors, who yesterday identified the man to succeed Di Francesco: former Perugia coach Bucchi. Baldissoni will definitely be in Reggio Emilia today, maybe Monchi as well (who will soon be working alongside his new assistant, Nereo Bonato, himself formerly of Sassuolo), though he could soon be on his way to Bilbao to discuss transfer market issues. After the progress made yesterday, today the 2 clubs should only need to shake hands. Sassuolo will have to give Roma the go-ahead.


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