Radja Nainggolan: I want to stay at Roma

Radja Nainggolan has commented on Roma’s season and on his future to Centro Suono Sport, and underlined his commitment to staying with the Giallorossi.


I want to stay at Roma, I rejected Chelsea last year. I’m about to go on some well-earned holiday. I want to stay at Roma, I’ve always said so. I think it’s pretty clear, I’ve always shown this. I don’t know anything about Spalletti to Inter, I’m trying to read as little as possible. We’ll see what happens.

You’ve won the hearts of the fans, you’re a symbol of Roma. Do you feel a sense of responsibility? Do you like it?

That’s how I play, I’ve always given my all on the pitch. I’m pleased that the fans like me, I’m enjoying things right now. We’ll see what happens in the future.

14 goals this year, what’s happened?

I’ve played more games! The coach changed my role on the pitch, and I enjoyed that role. I always like scoring. We’ve also got a record number of points this season with 87 points, we’ve had a great season. People don’t understand that we’re behind Juve, this Juve are in the Champions League final. When I scored against the Bianconeri it was clear what I was saying – they’ve insulted me, even though their club have tried to sign me a number of times, so I simply replied to them. We were competitive this year, the team was strong, and although we were knocked out of the Europa League we deserved to go through. Unfortunately we’ve made mistakes at important times, but we’ve had a difficult series of fixtures and we’ve still qualified for the Champions League.

Did you feel more of a Romanista on Sunday after witnessing Francesco Totti’s farewell?

After playing in Rome for a little while now, you understand what Roma means, I think anyone would fall in love with this club, in such a beautiful stadium. That’s how it should be all the time. It was important to win in the way we did, then the celebrations afterwards were beautiful, a really touching moment.

Are you expecting some sort of recognition from the club?

I’m always here, I’ve given a lot, everyone can see that, so now I’m waiting.

Will we win the scudetto next year?

I wanted to win it this year…


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