Abel Balbo: I will return to Roma. Di Francesco is ready for a top club

In an interview with Sky Sport, former Roma forward Abel Balbo has revealed that he has spoken to club CEO Umberto Gandini about a return to the Giallorossi in a management role, and has also commented that the club’s probable next coach Eusebio Di Francesco is ready to make the step up from Sassuolo to a big club.


Would you like to go back to Rome?

Of course, anyone who has been a part of Roma would always like to go back. I will return in some form. I’ve already spoken to Gandini. It’s always nice to do something for Roma.

Di Francesco?

I think he’s a very capable coach, I think he’s ready for a big club. I think he’d do well at Roma, but we need to see what sort of coach the club are looking for. I think he has everything necessary to do well there. He was there for many years as a player as well.

Totti’s future?

I don’t know what he’ll do, his decision will be a personal one. Maybe he’ll keep playing, maybe not. It’s difficult to know from the outside. I’m sure whatever he does, he’ll do it well. If he becomes a director then he’ll do it successfully, maybe even at Roma. He can only do a good job whatever he does.

Do you have any particular memories about Totti?

He started playing under Mazzone, initially taking Fonseca’s place. At that time only 3 foreign players could play. Eventually Totti ended up taking my place. In the end, that turned out to be an honour for me, even if I didn’t take it well at the time.

His contract?

It’s a delicate question. If we’re talking emotionally, I can only say that I feel affection for Totti and I would have let him decide. But from the club’s point of view I would say that the club has to put itself first. Logically, those are two different standpoints.


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