Daniele De Rossi: I don’t know if I’ll be at Roma next year

Daniele De Rossi has spoken to Sky Sport Italia about his future at Roma, and the vice-captain says that he isn’t sure if he will renew his contract with the Giallorossi, which expires next month. The full interview will be broadcast at 23.45 on Saturday evening.


Will you still be playing for Roma next year?

I don’t know, right now I don’t think it’s that important. There have been times, seasons when it’s been harder to stay and keep wearing this shirt. It’s a beautiful love story that has gone on for a long time, and to reduce it to simply asking whether I will be in this city or in another next year would be wrong.

You don’t sound very confident though…

I’m not reflecting on anything out of the ordinary, although I’m not talking much about it I am doing a lot of thinking, whether I’m at home or alone, for hours every day. Maybe the sea will give me the answer… I don’t know. Something I do understand, and which I’ll repeat, is that there is such a strong, tight, loving relationship that it won’t end whatever happens. When I say it like that it might seem like an early farewell, but it isn’t, I’d say that regardless. It wouldn’t be a tragedy for me, I think I’ve given a lot and I’ve got a huge amount back in return. During a long career in football, as a player, I don’t think that one year here or there really makes a difference.

How do you deal with victory and defeat?

Let’s start off with victory, which I’ve realised over the years isn’t easy to achieve and which I haven’t achieved for the most part because of other exceptional players and teams. But there’s a big gap between victory and defeat, which we’ve navigated at Roma throughout my career. Finishing 2nd or 3rd like we have doesn’t mean you come out defeated from a league season. To finish 2nd you win a lot of games and only lose a few, which means that you’re doing a good job in training during the week and that you have the right mentality… It means that you’re a professional, a person who knows how to win. But unfortunately you aren’t a winner, you aren’t someone who finishes 1st, and that’s something that can destroy you.


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