Giuseppe Giannini blasts ‘disgraceful’ Roma after ‘shameful’ derby performance

Giuseppe Giannini has spoken to Centro Suono Sport about the Giallorossi’s defeat to Lazio in the derby last weekend, and the former Roma captain was scathing about the current state of the club.


What are your thoughts after this defeat?

Right now, true supporters of Roma are distraught and furious at what we saw [on Sunday]: it was a disgraceful performance, which these supporters don’t deserve. I’m fed up of watching season after season of this, of watching such shameful players out on the pitch. In my day people protested straight away, they graffitied my car, Romanisti and Laziali argued with me in the street, so now I certainly won’t holding back and pretending everything’s fine. Watching players stroll around on the pitch, without any passion, without any pride for the shirt they’re wearing, who only played for the first 10 minutes – in a derby! – really hurts me as a former player and a fan of this club. The players need to think about playing, not talking about the coach’s future, not about whatever else is going on off the pitch. Siamo la Roma, siamo la Roma!!! Enough… They can’t keep running the club from thousands of kilometres away, Baldini can’t lead Roma from London, deciding who’s coming in and going out. I watched Monchi with amazement [on Sunday], because he simply watched the curva, the colours, the supporters, for more than 10 minutes. If the club’s management and owners don’t have a Giallorosso heart, they will never understand how to fix the mistakes that will inevitably be made. Why was Bruno Conti, the only and indisputable Romanista in this team of directors, marginalised by the club?


There’s no such thing as a genius in football. After all that he’s said, changing his mind, and all his doubts, he’s lost control of the squad and compromised the entire season. Perhaps Conte is a genius, because he wins everywhere he goes, but Spalletti is just a good coach – nothing more.


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