David Pizarro: Luciano Spalletti is one of the best coaches in Europe

Former Roma midfielder David Pizarro has urged the club to offer Luciano Spalletti a new contract. Speaking to Tuttomercatoweb, Pizarro said that Spalletti is one of the best coaches in Europe and should stay with the Giallorossi.


In the past you’ve been coached by some top coaches: from Ventura to Spalletti, from Mancini to Montella. Who is the one who had most influence on you?

Spalletti, without a doubt. I had him in Udine and in Rome, and I improved a huge amount under him. I don’t think Spalletti is inferior to any of the top coaches in Europe.

It’s been a turbulent season for your former coach and for Roma. What do you think about the rumours of him leaving the capital?

I know Spalletti well, and I know the place well. Rome is like that, if you get knocked out of the cup or lose the derby then people will criticise you, but overall the season has definitely been a positive one and any team in that position would keep Spalletti on.

In the past you advised Roma to buy Verratti, is he the new Pizarro?

He is an excellent midfielder, in some respects we’re similar. I like him a lot and I expect a lot of people to be competing for him this summer, even though his asking price is very high. Whoever buys Verratti will definitely get a good deal. He’s destined to play a key role in the national team under Ventura, who I rate very highly.

You played a lot of important, decisive games in your career. Is there one that you would want to replay?

Absolutely yes. I would replay Roma-Sampdoria from 2010 immediately, and also the two legs of the Europa League semi-final between Fiorentina and Sevilla in 2015. Not winning the scudetto with Roma and not reaching the final with the Viola are the most disappointing moments in my career.


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