Palermo’s Curva Nord praise Roma ultras

Palermo’s Curva Nord have published a message of support on their Facebook page congratulating Roma’s Curva Sud for their perseverence in protesting against the division of the curva. The Curva Nord, who have close ties with their Romanisti counterparts, praised the Giallorossi fans’ actions after the barriers inside the Stadio Olimpico were removed by the authorities, prompting them to return for Roma’s next game against Lazio in the Coppa Italia on Tuesday evening.


“Finally, tomorrow our Romanisti brothers will return to the Curva Sud to support their team against Lazio.

“After 19 months of protest, during which Roma’s real fans have suffered away from their seats, victory has arrived.

“Their perseverence has been rewarded, the ultras presented a united front and achieved their goal.

“Enjoy your return! Onward ultras!”


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