Giacomo Losi: Roma must roll up their sleeves after Lazio and Napoli defeats

Former Roma captain Giacomo Losi was interviewed by La Signora in Giallorosso on Tele Radio Stereo about the club’s current situation.


Have you thought about how many trophies Roma could have won since you lifted the Fairs Cup?

Yes, I thought it would be one of many, but instead of getting better we’ve got worse…

How did you feel when Roma lost against Lazio?

Sad, you can lose any game but it’s better never to lose against Lazio. It’s too important to the fans, to the whole city – it’s worth an entire season to both teams. It’s the game of the year, you can’t lose it, it will really hurt the fans – they don’t want to admit to losing against Lazio. Roma must have supremacy in this city.

Have you been disappointed with Roma in these last 2 games?

They used to be a lively, beautiful team to watch, they played good football. But all is not lost. They are a good team and can give satisfaction to the fans. Every so often though they have these lapses in concentration which I don’t understand, I really don’t.

Perhaps not even Spalletti does

Maybe him too, he is an excellent coach. He’s shown he is up to the task but every so often he makes choices that he shouldn’t.

Such as?

Selecting players who aren’t capable of playing for this team. I’m speaking in general. He makes certain errors which I think need to be revisited.

So he’s good but not one of the very best

Specifically, he isn’t a coach who always gets the best result from the style he likes to play. He’s a Tuscan and he’s quite unique. Even though I’m not best placed to make judgements, I think there are certain technical and tactical choices that he makes which he shouldn’t.


The approach to the game was wrong, I would have focused more on my own team and made the most of the pace we had up front. Lazio, for example, set out to defend and hit on the counter-attack – they created the spaces they needed.

What would you have done?

My job was always to mark my opponent.

Would you have preferred to mark El Shaarawy or Salah?

I don’t know, maybe El Shaarawy.

How would you define Roma?

They can become a top side if they conduct themselves differently, their performances aren’t those of a great team. They lack a certain quality that will enable them to challenge for the league or to win a major trophy.

What’s happened to their defence?

It’s very strong when the midfield is used in a certain way. The defence begins with the midfield, if they’re protecting the defence then it becomes so much easier for the defenders.

How will Roma bounce back from defeats to Lazio and Napoli?

They need to roll up their sleeves and try to collect their thoughts.

How important is Florenzi’s absence?

He’s a big miss because he’s an important player, who was having an excellent season and is now missing just at the point when his team needs him. When you have these sort of players and then you don’t, you can really feel [their absence].


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