Live updates: Revised Stadio della Roma project officially approved by city of Rome

Friday is the critical day in the Stadio della Roma project as Roma and the project’s proponents meet with Virginia Raggi – now that the city mayor has left hospital after being admitted earlier in the morning – to come to a final agreement. Refresh the page for the latest updates.

22.26 – The public works that were planned for the original Stadio dell Roma project will remain in place but could be completed ‘in two phases’. This seems to be one of the details, according to what has emerged so far, agreed between the Campidoglio and the Stadio della Roma proponents. Some works, like the development of the Roma-Lido line and the work on the via del Mare and the fosso del Vallerano, will have to be done before the stadium opens. Other works, like the bridge and the Rome-Fiumicino junction, could be completed after the ground is opened. (Ansa)

21.42 – AS Roma president Jim Pallotta has issued the following statement, after Friday’s meeting to decide the future of the Stadio della Roma project. “It has been a long, long journey – it almost feels like how it must have been for our Roman ancestors on their many campaigns. But the next step on the journey is in front of us. First and foremost, I want to thank our fans: they are the best in the world. Profound thanks also to the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, the deputy mayor, Luca Bergamo, and the many other government officials involved in this process. Also thanks to Luca Parnasi and his team for their hard work. Most of all, I want to thank Mauro Baldissoni and the entire Roma executive team – both in Rome and overseas – along with all the players and the coach. This is an important evening for AS Roma. We look forward to building a stadium that the club, and the city, can showcase to the entire football world. Forza Roma!” (

21.39 – The Conferenza dei Servizi will be extended for another 10 days in order to allow all the paperwork to be signed.


21.27 – Mauro Baldissoni – “Proud of the new project. This is a historic day.”

21.24 – Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi: “We’ve reached an agreement with AS Roma”

21.13 – The Stadio della Roma project is likely to be approved with a 50% reduction in the total square footage of the project area. The public works are also likely to be reduced and, in all likelihood, the new bridge over the Tiber will not be constructed. (

21.00 – An agreement has been found to construct the Stadio della Roma – this is what is emerging from the meeting between the city council led by mayor Raggi, constructor Luca Parnasi and Roma general director Mauro Baldissoni, representing president James Pallotta. Before this meeting Raggi met with advisors from M5S to discuss the situation. The agreement that is emerging will see a 50% reduction in the total square footage from the original project. (

20.53 – Welcomed by some timid applause by the people present (the fans who were there in the afternoon have since gone, given that the Questura made it clear that charges could be brought against them as it was an unauthorised demonstration), Roma arrived at the Campidoglio around 21.20 [local time] to meet the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi. No statements were given by those present (constructor Parnasi, general director Baldissoni and David Ginsberg, the man responsible for the project), but there were some smiles to confirm the news filtering out: things are moving towards a positive outcome. During the afternoon, talks between the city hall, studio Tonucci and Boston resulted in a more relaxed situation: with an agreement close at hand, the parties were working towards a final reduction of the total area of the project (over 25%) and towards making significant but not decisive cuts from the project. At this point some official statements are expected during which the next steps should be outlined: it’s likely that a further extension to the Conferenza dei Servizi (which currently ends on 3rd March) will be requested in order to develop the new project. At this point the road towards a new agreement seems to be laid out, though the main issue is the remaining public works. It will be the Regione that will oversee this. (Gazzetta dello Sport)

20.30 – Roma and M5S have come to an agreement on the Tor di Valle stadium, the club have now entered into discussions with Raggi to discuss the details. (Il Tempo)

20.20 – The Stadio della Roma team have arrived at the Campidoglio.

20.00These are crucial hours for the Stadio della Roma project at Tor di Valle, and the two parties – Virginia Raggi’s government and the project’s proponents – are now closer to an agreement. The mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi, who arrived in the Campidoglio from San Filippo Neri, met with her advisors to discuss the points of mediation and to find a resolution for any remaining differences among the city councillors. The club, including general director Mauro Baldissoni and his colleagues, met at a law firm to evaluate the compromise agreement offered by the Raggi government, but will only be ready to meet the mayor in person in the Campidoglio if all remaining doubts over aspects of the project are dispelled in the coming hours. The meeting would, however, take place this evening because both parties want to reach a positive conclusion to this affair tonight. Raggi, strengthened by the legal team’s response that the administration would be protected from any future appeals, has presented a revised proposal that guarantees the project’s viability for the club while taking both the sustainability concerns expressed by M5S and the national superintendency’s constraints into account. The arrival of the club’s representatives at the Senatorial Palace, which is expected to come later tonight, would be the signal that the project is proceeding in the right direction. (askanews)

19.08 – The meeting between the city hall and the Stadio della Roma team hasn’t yet begun. The Giallorossi’s general director Mauro Baldissoni and the constructor Luca Parnasi haven’t yet arrived at the Campidoglio, where mayor Virginia Raggi is currently meeting key members of her staff. (Ansa)



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