Roma reject Beppe Grillo’s suggestion of building new stadium away from Tor di Valle

Beppe Grillo, the leader of the 5 Star Movement – the party that control’s Rome’s city council – has weighed in on the Stadio della Roma debate by saying that he would be happy to see Roma build a new stadium – just not at Tor di Valle.


“No one’s against it, but if there’s something that needs to be addresses it’s the site, the area,” Grillo is quoted as saying by Tg2. “There’s a hydrogeological risk there, so there must be further discussion about where it should be built. The council and the mayor will decide. No one is saying no. We’re saying yes to the stadium, but somewhere that isn’t there [at Tor di Valle], because there’s a hydrogeological risk there – so if it floods…”

However, Roma have rejected this proposal out of hand. The project’s proponents, quoted by, say that the area is not at risk from flooding and that it is too late to think about building the stadium elsewhere.

“After 5 years’ work on a project that is at an advanced stage of approval and is in compliance with laws and regulations, it’s absolutely inconceivable to select a site other than Tor di Valle. The site is not at risk of flooding, in fact, the investment – which is coming entirely from the private sector – will make the local neighbourhood, well away from the stadium and where 10,000 Romans live, much safer as well.”

Roma president James Pallotta added, via the club’s Twitter account, that “we expect a massively positive result from the meeting on Friday. The alternative would be catastrophic for the future of Roma, Italian football, the city of Rome and future business in Italy.”


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