Campo Testaccio to be rescued from car park conversion

AGI – Campo Testaccio, Roma’s home from 1929 to 1940, will soon be a usable sports facility once again. The abandoned stadium is part of a long list of unfinished works which have been blocking modernisation in the capital for the last decade, and which have subsequently left gaping holes in the city centre.


For many years the centre-left city government had been planning to convert the old ground into garages and a car park, but as this plan was held up the area degenerated into wasteland and a dumping ground. However, the first steps towards recovering the old stadium on via Nicola Zabaglia should be taken in April when it is expected that the ground will be reclassified as a sports facility by the Campidoglio. Currently, the area is still assigned for conversion to a car park.

The reclassification documentation is currently being prepared and will be signed by councillor for sport, Daniele Frongia, and councillor for mobility, Linda Meleo, in order to expunge a number of possible locations for new car parks – including the Giallorossi’s old stadium – from the Urban Parking Plan. The capital’s commissions for sport and mobility will meet in a joint session on Monday 20th February to initiate the procedure. The old ground has been left abandoned for nearly 10 years due to administrative issues that began in 2006 when the council led by Walter Veltroni included it in the new Urban Parking Plan scheme (with works due to begin 2 years later). This was despite the fact that the ground had been renovated and reclaimed as a modern football pitch as recently as 2000.


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