Roma “confident” Stadio della Roma will be approved

Roma and developer Luca Parnasi “remain confident that the institutions involved in the decision-making process [of the new Roma stadium] won’t want to pass up the opportunity of an €1.6 billion investment in the city”.


Sources close to the club, as reported by Italian news agency Ansa, say that “the document sent by the City of Rome to the Region of Lazio today, and the opinions contained within it, are purely administrative in nature and don’t constitute a political position. This document, although it’s written in a way that raises doubts, is only calling for small modifications which the project’s proponents can easily factor into the project in order to obtain a favourable outcome and therefore receive the final approval.”

The Campidoglio, Rome’s city hall, also issued a statement that confirms their intentions to approve Roma’s new stadium.

“There is a desire to move forward with the Stadio della Roma project and analyse the dossier. That is why a 30 day extension to the Conferenza dei Servizi was requested and granted,” the statement read.

“Some reservations about the level of road safety, both vehicular and pedestrian, were expressed in the full knowledge that there are 30 days to resolve them. There are a number of issues which need to be confronted during these 30 days, but everything is in place for this process to end positively.”


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