Final decision on Stadio della Roma to be made in 30 days (Fernando Magliaro) There will be another 30 days of waiting but then, on 3rd March, the decision will finally be made whether or not to approve the Stadio della Roma project at Tor di Valle. Today the Conferenza di Servizi accepted the Campidoglio’s request for an extension of 30 days to verify a few final documents and prepare the urban planning agreement (the contract between the proponents of the project and the City).


It was, however, inserted into the minutes that the 30 day extension was granted for town planning procedures, i.e. to start the procedure for the adoption of the planning model. Therefore, once the 30 days are up, the City will have to go back to the Conferenza di Servizi with written documents in hand.

The disagreements between the Campidoglio and the Tiber River Basin Authority seem to have already been settled, as the latter have (begrugingly) told the City that there is little risk of flooding to the area of Tor di Valle, and any risk existing in the area today would be eradicated entirely by the works due to be carried out. Just 30 more days – 30 – and then the time for excuses will be over.


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