Antonio Cassano: Francesco Totti can keep playing for another 2 years

Ex-Roma forward Antonio Cassano has said that his former-team mate Francesco Totti can keep playing at the highest level for Roma for at least another couple of seasons yet.


Speaking to Tiki Taka, Cassano – who is now a free agent after his contract with Sampdoria was terminated by mutual consent – said that the 40 year old Totti can continue playing in Serie A as he has the class to perform in a league that lacks depth.

“It’s you people who says that this is the end of his career,” Fantantonio said. “He can still play and enjoy himself for a couple of years in this Serie A, no problem. Maybe 10 years ago, when there were real phenomenons playing [in our league], the best in the world, then he would struggle to keep playing at 40.

“But now when an average player scores a couple of goals, do a couple of tricks, they’re called world class. I really think ‘Pupo’ can play for another couple of years yet. Yesterday he played for 20 minutes and created 3 chances, tell me why he can’t keep playing and enjoying himself?”

Despite Totti’s introduction against Samp, Roma eventually lost to Cassano’s old team, and he believes that neither the Giallorossi nor Napoli have the ability to stop Juventus winning yet another scudetto.

“Juventus are in a league of their own, it’s theirs to lose. Roma and Napoli play good football, and they have some good moments, but Juve are the strongest by far. They won’t have any problems and their lead will only increase. Last year they came back from -15, they just toyed with the rest – ‘have a head start, I’ll still catch you'”.

He also had a few words to say about his own career, and despite currently being unattached he says his only regret was how his brief spell in Spain panned out. “Who knows if I could have won more. Football isn’t about ifs and buts. My only major regret is my time at Madrid. I had a 6 year contract, but I left after the first year because I was a raving lunatic. I gave up a lot of money as well. But I got lucky because then I met my wife in Genoa – actually, she got lucky too, because she met me!”


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