Leandro Cufré: Federico Fazio can lead Roma to scudetto victory

La Gazzetta dello Sport (Chiara Zucchelli) Like Fazio, his arrival in Rome was met with a great deal of scepticism. But in just a few months, Leandro Cufré (who is now beginning his career as a coach in Mexico) won the hearts of the fans, and now Fazio is following in his footsteps.


Can you explain the similarities?

Nothing has changed since I arrived at Trigoria 15 years ago: us Argentines give 110% on the pitch and the fans, particularly Romanisti, love to see this. If you also consider the fact that, as well as having the right character, Fazio is a great player, you can understand why he is having a fantastic season.

Is he one of the best defenders in the league?

I don’t know who the best is, there are some world class players around – particularly at Juventus. But I don’t think anyone has performed with the same consistency as he has this season, either in terms of his form or his performances. He’s the leader of the defence, he seems like he’s a very quiet player but you can always hear him on the pitch, making his presence felt. Always.

Can Roma win the league?

Yes, they have everything they need to: good players, a good manager, all backed up by a serious project.

You worked with Spalletti yourself in your final season at Trigoria

Yes, I experienced him first-hand. He’s a bit odd, but on the training ground he’s phenomenal, and he’s got Roma playing great football and turned them into a very solid side.


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