Roma to appeal Kevin Strootman’s absurd 2 match suspension

Roma have already confirmed that they will appeal against the 2 match ban imposed on Kevin Strootman, given retroactively for his actions during the derby and which will see him banned for the key games against Milan and Juventus in the likely event that the Giallorossi’s appeal is unsuccessful.

While investigations into Senad Lulic’s racist comments against Antonio Rudiger have only just commenced, the Giudice Sportivo have already announced that they have handed Strootman a 2 game ban following a review of the TV replays for “serious unsportsmanlike behaviour against Danilo Cataldi”. This behaviour was Strootman “first throwing water and then his simulation, resulting in the dismissal of Cataldi”, who himself has been given a 1 match suspension.

Roma’s general director Mauro Baldissoni has said that the club are concerned at the action taken and will be appealing the decision as soon as possible.

“We were astonished and very perplexed to find out about Strootman’s suspension, which was imposed for deeply questionable reasons,” Baldissoni told Roma Radio. “We have already filed an appeal against this and we’ll expect this to be heard before Monday’s game against Milan.

“It really leaves a bitter taste, and we’ve said this many times before, that precedents are set against us. Over the years whenever the boundaries of sporting justice have been altered, they have repeatedly been extended against Roma. This leaves us deeply concerned, because we are at a critically important stage of the season. We’re about to face the teams in 2nd and 1st in the league, and oddly enough we’ve been handed an unexpected and inexplicable suspension.

“We will do everything we can to protect Roma’s interests and those of our fans, whose patience is put to the test too often. We will do everything in our power to defend ourselves.”

President James Pallotta also criticised the decision, telling Il Messaggero that it is “absolutely absurd”.

Roma’s appeal is expected to be heard on Friday.


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