Roma forced to cancel pre-derby open training session

Roma have been forced to cancel their open training session, previously planned for Saturday afternoon.

Ahead of Sunday’s derby, both teams decided to hold open training sessions for their fans. Lazio’s took place today and around 4,000 fans turned up to their training ground at Formello, while Roma had decided to host theirs on Saturday at the newly reopened Stadio Tre Fontane due to the impracticalities of being able to hold it at Trigoria.

However the city’s Questura met late this afternoon, having not previously been approached about the decision, and have informed Roma that there are a number of issues with hosting the training session at Tre Fontane.

  • There are other events occurring at the same time
  • The predicted turnout is bigger than the ground’s capacity
  • There is not enough available security as officers have already been posted elsewhere due to Sunday’s referendum
  • The means are not in place to prevent the area grinding to a halt due to the ingress and egress of fans from the ground

As a result, Roma have been put into a position where they have little option other than to accept the Questura’s instruction to cancel the event.


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