Edin Dzeko and Daniele De Rossi: Roma won’t win the derby playing like this

Il Tempo (Erika Menghi) It’s lucky he doesn’t lack personality. Dzeko doesn’t just score goals for fun, now he’s a leader in terms of what he says as well. “We won’t win the derby playing like that. We mustn’t be afraid when we’re playing at home. It was hard, we were better than them but we didn’t show that and we didn’t play better than them. But we have the 3 points and it was important to get those. This game is already in the past now, it will be a different story against Lazio: we’ll do everything we can to win.”


The ‘Dzeko scores = Roma win’ equation continues to hold true; he is in incredible form and has already reached 17 for the season with Roma (plus another 3 for Bosnia-Herzegovina). “I feel good, I always want to score more and keep playing like I am at the moment.” On social media, Machin – on loan at Trapani from Roma – asked, “Where are all those who criticised him now?”

De Rossi has always defended the Bosnian, and he was of the same mind as the striker after the game. “It’s true that we won’t beat Lazio playing like that but we will definitely play differently against them. We did well to get a result in a tricky game tonight though. Just think what would have happened if it had finished 3-3…”

The draw would certainly have tarnished his achievement of reaching 400 Serie A appearances for the Giallorossi. “It would be nice to add a few trophies to it, we’re hungry for success.” The league table suggests it’s still possible to dream. “That’s my concern, it’s only human to look at first place again now. Nainggolan said that it didn’t matter if we were 10 points behind or 4 points – I disagree, but the important thing is this: teams will drop points and win them back. The rest is incidental. Like my contract, that isn’t of vital importance right now.”

What matters more to him is finding out the reasons for Roma’s problems. “In the past I also thought it might be the atmosphere, but as I grew older I realised that people use that as an excuse not to change. The team’s personality [isn’t the result of the atmosphere but] is created by the players and the 4-5 directors who are around the team day after day. Teams with worse management teams than ours have won in the past. Roma lack mental strength, but that’s something we can solve.”


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