Roma considering appointing a former player to board of directors

Corriere dello Sport (Roberto Maida) Behind a great team there is always a great club. Roma are working towards achieving both, almost simultaneously, identifying and renewing every piece of the mosaic. This is why there is currently discussion at Trigoria about the possibility of selecting a new person to join the management team, a charismatic former player who can act as a link between the team, the club and the media. The model is, again, laid down by Juventus, who appointed Pavel Nedved to the board of directors in 2010 before promoting him, a year ago, to vice-president.

Rudi Garcia was the first to personally ask Pallotta for this sort of appointment. Other Italian clubs have already followed Juventus’ lead: Lazio brought in Angelo Peruzzi, Inter have just appointed Walter Samuel, while Milan have been considering Paolo Maldini. Now it could be Roma’s turn.

While the club wait for Francesco Totti, who will take on a (non-diplomatic) role with the management team as soon as he retires, the name going round at the moment is Morgan De Sanctis, currently Monaco’s second-choice goalkeeper. De Sanctis left Roma with a heavy heart last summer after his contract wasn’t renewed because he wanted to play for at least one more season and try a new experience abroad in Monte Carlo. But his relationship with Roma’s directors (Sabatini most of all, but also with the rest) is excellent, so much so that when De Sanctis left they agreed to try and find a new role for him in the future to enable him to return. There hasn’t been any contact recently, but De Sanctis has let the club know that he would be open to returning in June as a director. The uncertainty of the other directors – given that De Sanctis is a friend of many of Roma’s players, including Totti and De Rossi – could be overcome by overhauling the squad (which has already been a feature of transfer windows under Pallotta’s ownership).

Of course, De Sanctis isn’t the only possibility. There are other tempting options in the forms of Giuseppe Giannini, previously Roma’s captain and leader, and Sebino Nela, a former player who has a strong personality and is widely loved by the fans. Both of them, in different roles, already work with the club: Giannini in a scouting role and Nela as a mediator between ultras and the club. It will be less easy to convince Zibi Boniek, a man of international renown, as he would need to leave his role as president of the Polish FA which he has held for the last 4 years. Pallotta will make his decision calmly, taking advice from his trusted colleagues, and without imposing any deadlines: after all, a new member of the management team is less of a priority than giving Spalletti the new signings he needs.


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