Roma Will Continue To Only Get Support When Playing Away From Home

Nati il 7 giugno (Il Tempo) There’s a curse – I joked the other day that [expert knee surgeon] Professor Mariani should be appointed Roma’s new sporting director. Actually, it’s misfortune – fed and fomented by the false Roma fans who follow la Maggica – in getting cruciate ligament injuries which we should be put into the Guinness Book of Records for; not even Godfrey of Bouillon got so many injuries in such a short amount of time. Ponce, Nura, Rudiger, Mario Rui, and now Alessandro Florenzi as well, maybe the most painful one of all given that it was seen live on TV, and to watch his team-mates put their heads in their hands was really a blow to the stomach. Come on Alessandro, come back stronger and more combative than you were before.

The evening was even going as well as it could have, with various media outlets forced to completely rewrite their pieces after they had been preparing to really get their teeth into Roma at half time.

I imagine the main headline would have been: “Roma’s hopes buried by the youngsters rejected by Trigoria.” Today, the “experts” on the radio will have been thoroughly analysing this decision by the usually incompetent and presumptuous Sabatini. By the way, they are the same ones who – at the start of the new American ownership – were asking why hopeless homegrown talents were playing under Luis Enrique, who was guilty of picking Okaka, Caprari and Verre, who at the time were the best youngsters in Alberto De Rossi’s team. That’s how it works in Rome. If you play the local youngsters, you’re reckless; if you send them away to improve so that they’re ready when they come back home, as was brilliantly done with Alessandro Florenzi himself, you’re an idiot.

On with the rewriting, and I can see how many people were unable to stomach having to talk about Spalletti’s victories, about Dzeko continually finding the net, about the sensational performances of Daniele De Rossi, someone whose last good match came 7 years ago.

Just so that we don’t forget anyone, we also had to witness a nauseating exchange between the President of CONI and the President of the Osservatorio per le manifestazioni sportive, a part of the Ministry of the Interior. The arguments used by the latter, to reject any hope of making progress in eliminating the harassment which is aimed only and exclusively at fans in the capital, appear to be full of demagoguery and inaccuracies. But, by now, that’s how things work. Roma and their city neighbours, Lazio, will only be able to count on having their support when they play away from home.


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