Who Is Roma’s New Sporting Director, Frederic Massara?

Frederic Massara, nicknamed Ricky, was born in Turin on 11th November, 1968. During his playing career he played as a left winger in the Torino and Pavia youth teams, and then at Pescara where he was a team-mate of Max Allegri during his spells in Abruzzo. He also played for Palermo, Arezzo, Moncalieri, Andria and Tivoli before he retired and started his career as an assistant coach at Benevento, Pescara and Martina.

The third act of his career began in 2008 when he began his partnership with Walter Sabatini at Palermo, where Massara undertook a joint role as both the sporting director’s right hand man and chief representative for the club’s youth sector. In 2011 he qualified as a sporting director with maximum honours along with Rosario Argento, who looked after the Rosanero’s youth sector at the time.

He followed Walter Sabatini to Roma, where his role was exactly the same as it was at Palermo. During the journey under the American owners that took the Roma squad’s net worth from €37m to its current value of €192m, there is also the work of Ricky Massara.

This article is a translation – the original was written by the editorial staff at Il Corriere dello Sport.


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