Champions League Elimination Costs Roma €40m

The elimination in the Champions League playoffs will cost Roma dear. Being knocked out by Porto will, in fact, have some knock on effects on the Giallorossi’s finances.

While Napoli and Juventus can smile because of a slight increase in income from UEFA, Roma will have to recalculate their costings based on a much smaller income. Reaching the group stage would have guaranteed at least €35m, with the major difference to last season being that Roma would have been ranked as Italy’s 3rd team instead of their 2nd as they were in 2015/16, since they qualified by finishing 3rd rather than 2nd. The relegation to the Europa League though will have an even bigger impact on their finances.


Last season, just taking the market pool and results into account, Roma brought in around €68m until their Champions League adventure was brought to an end in the first knockout round by Real Madrid. These figures, among other things, should guarantee that Roma surpassed Milan in terms of their turnover for 2015/16.

Looking at 2017 though, Roma (who have also registered a serious decline in Piazza Affari, given their share price has fallen by 8.98% to €0.4633) will have to balance their budget using funds gained from the Europa League. It’s difficult to go into the detail of this market pool, which is why we have based the figures (in the image above) on what Lazio received last year for this hypothetical scenario, i.e. the minimum guaranteed by UEFA, as they were in the same situation as the Giallorossi (eliminated in the playoffs and consequently they dropped into the Europa League group stage).

In the same way, we have hypothesised a similar result for the Giallorossi as for the Biancocelesti, with 4 wins in the group, 2 draws, qualification for the first knockout round and elimination in the round of 16. This scenario, for a team like Roma, should represent the bare minimum. The total bonus money earned from this result would be €2.7m, and over the course of the whole competition they would earn just shy of €23m. These figures could of course be bigger, should Roma go much further in the competition, but they will remain less than the guaranteed revenue they would have received by playing in the Champions League.

This article is a translation – the original was written by Matteo Spaziante for Calcio e Finanza.


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