Roma CEO Mauro Baldissoni Tasked With Making Progress On Stadium & New Sponsor

Until Roma president Pallotta names a new permanent CEO who will replace the departed Italo Zanzi, Baldissoni has taken over as the operating manager of the club’s entire business strategy.

Temporary CEO, he is like one of those coaches called upon in an emergency to haul a club out of trouble. Mauro Baldissoni is moving increasingly towards the heart of the American management at Roma, as proven by the board meeting which took place by videoconference call yesterday between those based in the USA and those at Trigoria.

The role has been “temporarily assigned” to him but the fact it has been made at all shows an increase in his power and prestige. Moreover, in the meantime – and as sanctioned at the same board meeting – Baldissoni has also renewed his contract as general director for another three years.

In the meantime Roma are looking for new income – the club’s business plan aims to increase turnover, which is already more than €200m thanks to their participation in the last Champions League.

The first step should be to draw up a contract with a main sponsor, who will put their logo on the club’s shirts. The young manager Kaitlyn Colligan, 34, is currently working on this in Italy together with another marketing specialist, Laurent Colette, who previously worked on a similar project at Barcelona and is now ever more present at Trigoria.

The announcement of a new sponsorship, possibly with a Chinese brand, could be imminent. The empty space on the team’s shirts has been there for three years, costing the club an estimated €30m.

In addition, Roma are also looking to China in their search for new investors who could put their own cash into the club.

The process of the club’s new stadium at Tor di Valle is a longer process though, even if the final draft has been presented to the city council and the Region of Lazio. The project is waiting for a dossier to begin the public agencies meeting.

The recent quotes from the leaders of the Five Star Movement have been more conciliatory than those from the city’s future planning commissioner, Paolo Berdini, but it will be difficult for the project to continue until it has been examined by the new city council.

Meanwhile, the details of the pre-season tour to the United States, which will take place soon after the pre-season training camp at Pinzolo, have been confirmed.

The departure is scheduled for 23 July with a direct flight from Fiumicino to Boston. Roma will train in the area, with many training sessions open to the public so that the Massachusetts locals can watch Francesco Totti close up in his last season as a player. There will also be some special events at which the captain will be present.

On 31 July the team will move to St Louis, Missouri, to play their traditional friendly against Liverpool on the following day. The game will take place at the Busch Stadium, the home of the Cardinals baseball team. Afterwards, there will be a stop in Canada for a second friendly: in Montreal against the Impact, the team owned by Bologna’s owner Joey Saputo who have an old star, Drogba, and an Italian, Donadel, in their ranks. The return to Italy is scheduled for 4 August, landing in Rome at 5am.

This article is a translation – the original appeared on Calcio e Finanza and can be read here.


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