How The 4+4 Rule Will Affect Roma’s Transfer Window

The curtain will soon open on the 2016/17 season with the start of pre-season training camps and the transfer window, which begins on 1st July. The season presents a significant change: the cap on squads, which was partly applied last season, will be fully implemented and teams will be obligated to include 4 locally trained players and another 4 players trained by other Italian teams in their squad list of 25, similar to the UEFA system. It was only for last season that the FIGC gave clubs the concession of including fewer locally trained players as long as they included at least 8 players who had been trained in Italy.

It is a matter, together with technical evaluations, that will clearly affect Roma’s activity in the transfer market. Obviously it’s premature to make predictions at the end of June about what Roma’s squad will look like by the end of the window, particularly given the number of players whose futures are in the balance. But the FIGC rules represent a factor that every Serie A club, Roma included, will have to take into account.

At the moment, if we believe that De Sanctis will leave and Ljajic will be sold imminently, there are only 5 ‘Italians’ in the squad: Totti, De Rossi and Florenzi as home grown players and just Nainggolan and El Shaarawy as players trained by other Italian teams. The obligation can be circumvented by naming a smaller number of players in the squad list presented to the League. This was done by the club last season (when the Giallorossi only had six ‘Italians’) when they named only 23 players.  Then there’s always the under-21 loophole, as there is no limit on the number of them who can be selected (in the current first team squad, there are Gerson and Sanabria, for example).

If the current situation were to hypothetically continue until August, when the season starts, Roma would only have 22 players who are over the age of 21. This projection of course doesn’t take into account of Roma’s strategies in the transfer market, which could go in many different directions from now until August. But it does show that the obligations set out by the FIGC’s regulations will have to be taken into account.

Roma’s current squad situation

Home grown players: Totti, De Rossi, Florenzi.

Players trained by other Italian teams: Nainggolan, El Shaarawy, Ljajic.

Others: Alisson, Castan, Gyomber, Manolas, Rudiger, Torosidis, Zukanovic, Strootman, Vainqueur, Paredes, Dzeko, Falque, Perotti, Salah, Iturbe.

Under 21s: Gerson, Sanabria, H’Maidat.

NB: Players returning from loan are in italics. Players who are out of contract (De Sanctis, Lobont, Maicon, Keita) and who were on loan last season but not yet signed permanently (Szczesny, Digne, Emerson, Ucan) have been excluded from the list. Doumbia has also been excluded as, after freeing up a non-EU spot last season and with no free slots yet opened up, he currently won’t be able to play for Roma next season.

This article is a translation – the original was written by and can be read here.


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