Luciano Spalletti Says Radja Nainggolan Will Stay At Roma

Luciano Spalletti has spoken in depth about Roma’s transfer plans for this summer, discussing potential signings, the difficulty of keeping players signed on loan last summer and who he hopes to keep at the club following Miralem Pjanic’s departure.


Spalletti to TMW Web Radio

The national team

The strength of Italy’s individuals and of the organisation of their gameplan is impressive. Bonucci’s assist for Giaccherini is a reflection of our style of football.


He seems enthusiastic to me and ready to make his contribution again for us next season.


You have to be ready for sudden changes in our world. Juventus are the strongest team around and we’ll have to make the most of our collective strength to match their level.

Transfer market

We need to strengthen the defence because of injuries and players who are leaving. Sabatini is perfectly aware of what this squad needs.


Ljajic is a Roma player for now and we’ll evaluate all possible options.

Borja Valero

All the top teams would like him. You could send him to Bayern and he would be able to play for them, the same goes for Barcelona. I could see him at Roma, we’d be very happy to have him. But I think it’s an impossible scenario because he’s enjoying himself in Florence and Fiorentina would ask for a ridiculous amount if they were to sell him.

Mario Rui

He will continue the great job done by Digne last season, he’s a good signing for Roma.


He’s a top quality player, but he would cost a lot of money.

De Sanctis

He’ll stay with us, we want to keep him.

Spalletti to Sky Sport Italia

Italy’s first game at the Euros against Belgium

I was out watching the game with friends, Italy put in a great performance. They deserved to win such an important game. I won’t make predictions, but I think they showed themselves very capable in many different areas. They always tried to get forward, they played very well. They were an organised team. Conte really deserved that win. It means a lot to start a tournament well, it helps players to be aware of their own abilities. We have tough players, history proves that, but I’ve seen many other good teams at the Euros as well.

Pjanic’s departure

It’s a straightforward situation: what is there to discuss when you have his letter and then even that’s challenged? It’s a free world, where everyone can choose to do what they want. If he signed that contract then that means he’s free to change clubs. He was an important player for us and he will be for Juventus too. He really was an exceptional person, he’s pointless to criticise him as a person. He’s a superb professional. A great player is leaving us but we have another to replace him in Strootman, who is about to return to his best. We need to be ready to compete at the very top again. We must set ourselves high targets and compete with other teams in multiple ways, not just in terms of players but also in the style of our play as the right one can allow you to beat anyone.

On the necessity of keeping Nainggolan

It’s clear that we’ve already had some major setbacks with Pjanic’s departure and Rudiger’s injury, Roma is a well-oiled machine but it needs to be maintained. Radja is a man of his word, he’s promised me that he’ll stay.

Next season

We need to start again as a group, we’ve done some great things and we need to do even better.

Mario Rui

He’s a player we’ve followed for some time and he could be Digne’s replacement, given how difficult it will be to keep the Frenchman after his excellent season with us. Mario Rui has shown himself to be a player who can play for a top team, his weakness is in his physical stature but he can get over that with his character.


For now we need to sort out our defence, which no longer has Digne, Maicon or Rudiger for various reasons. The priority is to find an alternative to Florenzi at right back. After that, we can look at reinforcing the rest of the squad.


He’s an interesting young player, Sabatini and I have been watching him.


We’re trying to keep him, even if the goalkeeping position isn’t a problem for us given that we’ve signed Alisson. Whatever happens, we’ll be happy with the outcome. De Sanctis will also probably still be part of our squad. Lobont is also an expert keeper.

De Rossi in the national team

He’s had a good end to the season and continued that against Belgium in the opening game. He can’t afford to let the level of his performances drop now. He can’t perform below his best.


We’ll be relying on him next season, he has qualities which so far he hasn’t been able to show. We want him to show his potential which he already demonstrated before he came to Roma. We’re happy to have him in our squad, sometimes I didn’t play him because I had other players available but he did his job and helped us to finish where we did in the league.

Aims for next year

Juventus are the strongest team around, if we’re looking at the squads. But there are other things we can do to create problems for them. We, like other teams, must try to make life difficult for the Bianconeri.

A derby against Bielsa

I’m always up for the derby, it doesn’t matter who’s in charge of Lazio.


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